Swiss Federal Council plans website blocks in case of power shortage

A scenario currently deemed unlikely has prompted the Swiss Federal Council to take specific measures to prevent a collapse of the power supply. In the event of a power shortage, the government intends to make it difficult to transmit large amounts of data over mobile networks and to block certain websites. The proposal envisages that certain websites will be blocked in a first step. This mainly affects platforms for social media, videos, and music that are widely used by many people.

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The digital euro will not be freely disposable

The digital euro is set to undergo a significant shift in terms of its usability. Gone are the days of freely spending money on anything and everything. The digital euro will be programmed to only be spent on approved transactions, ensuring that it remains within the boundaries of its intended use. The European Central Bank's digital euro, as outlined in a recent report by the German Ministry of the Interior, will possess a distinct characteristic - programmability. This means that the digital euro will be designated for specific purposes, restricting its owner from unrestricted disposal.

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Cyber espionage: an old political tool

In the ever-evolving landscape of international politics, the practice of cyber espionage has emerged as a formidable tool with a long history. As countries vie for power and influence, the use of technology to gather intelligence and gain strategic advantages dates back decades. This article explores the origins and evolution of cyber espionage as a time-tested political instrument, shedding light on its significance in contemporary geopolitics. Discover how this covert practice continues to shape global affairs and the delicate balance of power among nations. Explore the covert world of cyber espionage and its role in shaping the political narratives of our time.

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