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incl. PRVCY Phone



About the Online Course

12 Lessonmodules for excellent Privacy & Cyber-Security

Your decision of today will define your Digital ID of tomorrow.

incl. PRVCY Phone

Your New PRVCY Phone

The most secure Android on the planet


Display 6.1" OLED, HDR, 90Hz
Resolution (px) 1080 x 2400
Storage 128 GB
Memory 8 GB
Front Camera (Selfie) 13 MP, 20mm Ultra-wide angle
Rear Camera Dual-Camerasystem
64 MP, 26mm Wide angle
13 MP, 120˚ Ultra-wide angle

Battery 4385 mAh, Li-Po
  • Price for course incl. Phone


Display 6.3" AMOLED, 90Hz, HDR10+
Resolution (px) 1080 x 2400
Storage 256 GB
Memory 8 GB
Front Camera (Selfie) 10.8 MP, 21mm Ultra-wide angle
Rear Camera Dual-Camerasystem
50 MP, 25mm Wide angle
12 MP, 114° Ultra-wide angle

Battery 4355 mAh, Li-Po
  • Price for course incl. Phone

3 Pro oder 4 Pro

Display 6.7" LTPO AMOLED, 120Hz, HDR10+
Resolution (px) 1440 x 3120
Storage 128 GB / 256 GB
Memory 8 GB
Front Camera (Selfie) 10.8 MP, 21mm Ultra-wide angle
Rear Camera Triple-Camerasystem
50 MP, 25mm Wide angle
48 MP, 120mm Teleo zoom
12 MP 126° Ultra-wide angle
Battery 5000 mAh, Li-Ion
  • Price for course incl. Phone

The content of the PRVCY Transform course

Each of the 12 modules provides knowledge and power to take your PRVCY to the next level.

Customize your privacy along with the course to fit your needs.

Module 1


Learn why your privacy is absolutely important and how to take full advantage of it.

Module 2

Before & After

Find out what are the drawbacks of your current equipment and what will be the result of your new PRVCY setup.

Module 3


The overview of the steps we will take together that you will best implement to take back control of your PRVCY.

Module 4

Financial Privacy

Learn how you can remain completely anonymous when paying online, as if you were paying in cash.

Module 5-7

Create your new PRVCY digital profile

Learn how to set up a completely anonymous and pseudonymous digital profile that you will use from now on.

Module 8-9

The new PRVCY Phone

Stay clean and private from the start. Here we set up the basics and install new privacy-focused apps, like our PRVCY Messenger and video calling app.

Module 10

Privacy in daily life

Learn how to manage SIM cards and Wi-Fi connections on the go, eliminate geographic location tracking, and protect your personal data.

Module 11-12

Privacy without cash + current tips

Worried about the elites doing away with cash? No need to worry. In this module, we’ll set up your PRVCY-focused solutions to that. There are also ongoing tips & tricks here.

Additional course: PRVCY Superior course

Your new PRVCY Laptop

Set up your new laptop. Learn how to use a bulletproof environment for browsing that could even let you use your old social media.

What PRVCY Transformers are saying

Customers über PRVCY

Welzy PRVCY Transform Member

First of all, I would like to thank you for the great content. I work in IT and have been pleasantly surprised. I have my new phone set up so far. is one of my favorite resources for viable privacy tips and solutions.

fiat lux PRVCY Transform & Superior Member

Overall, everything very positive. Creative solutions in all areas (delivery, course content, support) distinguish the company. Bringing such an important subject closer to people with very little technical knowledge in the IT field is very commendable. The course is geared towards users and allows anyone to learn how to use it in a very enjoyable way.Virtually no prior knowledge is required and the support always helps with any questions that arise. Just great!!!

Ogral PRVCY Transform & Superior Member

I am glad, I have dealt with all the topics. I have learned a lot and am still learning ;O) The course is mega well structured. I have never dealt with cryptocurrency at all and came but super. However, I must say that I have the course for the phone, first just looked without installing immediately. Then I looked at it again and installed at the same time. That was great for me. Chris is mega sympathetic and explains the steps very well understandable. Many thanks also to the team that is always very helpful and friendly with my questions.

Eva PRVCY Transform & Superior Member

I discovered PRVCY via Telegram and was immediately attracted to it. After that, I read up on it and thought about the whole thing. I have done both courses and also bought both devices and am mega happy. I have learned a lot and continue to learn. Bianca always supports me when I have questions and we could always clarify most of it right away. I only use my old laptop for things I can't do on the new one, which is almost nothing.

Xam PRVCY Transform & Superior Member

Very interesting knowledge. Well run course that is worth the money. Very Good

Ogral PRVCY Transform & Superior Member

I was very happy that the laptop was delivered personally. Quite great.

Michael PRVCY Transform Member

Chris' PRVCY knowledge is insane. If you want to massively improve your privacy from the threat of total global surveillance, you need to read and watch his stuff - For me, he is the unicorn among a sea of donkey IT nerds.

Marc O. PRVCY Transform & Superior Member

For me, it is important to leave the beaten track on the net and remain anonymous. I think that digitalization is progressing even further and will be expanded even more deeply in order to gain complete control over the big picture. It is important to be the master of what you do and don't do, both in the physical world and on the Internet. Best regards


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