PRVCY Superior Course (without Laptop)

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The SUPERIOR course includes:

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not inclueded:                               Laptop      

Module 1


We will install a completely new operating system on your new laptop, which is considered the “Ferrari” among PRVCY operating systems. Find out why you absolutely need this system.

Module 2

System introduction

Together we go through the encryption process of the laptop, get an overview of the system, the menus and the system manager.

Module 3

Security foundation

We build an extremely robust and resistant PRVCY security foundation. Here, among other things, we set up the network structure and firewalls.

Module 4

Laptops in laptop

An important key of the new system is the isolation of activities. Your new laptop has a lot of virtual laptops in the new operating system. Perfect for your privacy.

Module 5

Program installations

Now it gets exciting, because after the isolation we install your new programs. From anonymous messenger to Whatsapp – yes right, our laptop even beats the data octopus Meta.

Module 6

Disposable laptops

Imagine you visit Internet sites and your computer is infiltrated with malware. This will not happen to you from now on, because we have a system that resets itself after use. All malware is gone. Ingenious. Learn to use this.

Module 7-8

USB, camera, microphone

Learn how to be absolutely safe with your camera, microphone and USB sticks.
Malware: No chance.
Audio or video surveillance:
No chance.

Module 9


Learn how to create your backup super fast and restore your whole system completely in case of need. Perfect system, perfect backup.

Module 10-12

Individuelle Anpassungen

Let us now customize your system to your needs. In addition, we go here even more specifically to individual programs, Operatingsystems and give you tips, tricks and documentation for the system and the PRVCY focused programs to hand.