Meet your new PRVCY phone

We take a new, super modern phone from 2020 and modify it to our PRVCY needs.


Operating System

Your new Operating System erases all the standard surveillance tech. No Google Play, No Google Apps, and no Google ID Login. Completely free of Google.

Longer lasting Battery

All disgusting surveillance software (which sends data every second to the data silos) is deactivated. Due to that your battery lasts a lot longer. You’ll be surprised!

PRVCY focused




Audio Jack

USB-C Charging / Input

Your new phone comes with universal USB-C power supply adapter and cable. No more dependency on a manufacturer’s oneway street decision when it comes to in- and outputs.
Please let us know which kind (US or EU) you would like to receive.

Fingerprint Sensor

Although the phone contains a fingerprint sensor, we dont recommend using it. Keep your bio related data safe, dont share it. Just use a code/Pin.

No manufacturer warranty

Please note that when we are installing the new Operating System (based on AOSP) it voids manufacturer warranties. — 
But: In our opinion exchanging the warranty for getting back total control of your PRVCY is a great deal.

This item might be subject of import taxation in your country.
Please note, that import taxes would have to be payed by you.